Summer 2017: An Honest Reflection

This summer has been a lot of things. A lot of things unexpected, a lot of things wonderful, a lot of things not so wonderful. At the very least, this summer was enlightening through its many ups and downs and has left me knowing more about myself and where life may be headed. So now, after a long delay, I thought I’d reflect.

First, I feel like I need to address the ever-changing purpose behind this blog. In its conception, I had planned for this blog to lead to professional writing, book reviewing, and the occasional ramble. Though busy semesters at seminary, a busy summer of travel, and an apathetic writer, this has turned more into a collection of random thoughts and ramblings than anything else. For now, that’s okay and we are just going to roll with it, however, for me it is more important that I just keep writing. Writing is something that, for me, is contingent on my mood and seems to only happen when I stumble upon new revelations or understandings of things. If this is to turn into something real, I need to keep disciplined and, most importantly, just keep writing. So that’s where I’ll begin today.

My summer began at the end of a dismal semester of seminary and was sharply intersected with a week at a monastery in New Mexico. This, a week of peace, silence, and discipline, allowed me to re-center and had me feeling more “spiritual” than I have in a long time. Those monks know what they’re doing, sometimes.

Immediately after that, Krystal and I moved, I took another summer class, and we were off to Canada. That fast. I wanted so badly to begin implementing prayerful silence and many other lessons learned at the monastery into my daily life, but I just couldn’t let myself – I had to stay busy. Krystal and I like to maximize our summers because of the freedom and release they provide, but this past summer we may have gone a bit too far.

Canada was an incredible trip. Seeing those landscapes, escaping the heat of Waco, and doing it all with great friends at our side. This trip is something that we had been planning for a very long time and it was so exciting to finally see it come to fruition. I’m sure I will come back and write more about this later, but for now I will just leave it at this – Canada was exhausting. We camped, hiked, and drove A LOT, and it was a taxing trip in a lot of ways. (For a great recap of our trip, check out the Harp’s blog!)

With that, we were back in Waco and the summer was nearly over. Since then, I think we have both been trying to relax as much as possible to make up for the rest of the summer’s craziness. It’s in this rest that I’ve had time to contemplate a bit and try to get a hold of what I may be wanting to do with life.

In doing so, I’ve sold my car and decided to commute by bike, began applying for a MSEd (Education) to pair with my MDiv, and am here writing again today. Krystal begins a MSN/MBA dual degree in the next couple of weeks as well, and I couldn’t let her have more Master’s degrees than me, so my hand was forced on the MSEd. Just kidding. Maybe.

This craziness has brought me to today. I start back at Truett in 5 days, which means the summer is just about over and it will be back to late nights sipping whiskey and writing papers. I am neither mentally prepared, nor prepared in having enough whiskey – definitely need more whiskey.

But in all seriousness, this summer has been a good one. I don’t think this hasty reflection has done it much justice, but it has transformed much of my vision for my life and I think the tough times have made Krystal and I’s marriage a heck of a lot stronger. We miss Norman, we miss our families, we miss our friends, and we are constantly inspired by all of them. I want to keep writing. If for no other reason, for my grandma, so she can keep up with us and because I know she likes to read my mediocre writing (love you grandma). I also want to keep writing because I want this to be something that develops and may turn into something I can do vocationally one day. It’s also fun.

For anyone reading this, thanks for sticking with me. I hope that you’ll hear from me more often now. I hope that whatever I ramble can help in some capacity (maybe just something to kill time and laugh at poor writing?) and I hope you’ll stick with me.

This has been way too long of a post, so I’ll shut up. Thanks for listening.


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