La La Land – A Magically Practical Tale

Well, if you couldn’t tell, this is going to be a review of the recent film La La Land that came out recently and swept the Golden Globes. I am always skeptical of such films, clinging to my indie film hipster tendencies, but this was a good one.

I take film very seriously as a media. Something can be captured in a movie that can’t quite be done in books, TV, or a song. Something about the visualization and the making real of certain ideas captures me in a unique way. La La Land did something like this. This film captured something so real within my heart and my soul, something so deep, that I could not help but become emotionally overwhelmed by its confusing and touching radiance. As I said, I take films very seriously, so the following statement needs to be understood through the lens of a (somewhat serious) movie critic: La La Land has gone where no musical has gone before and has, in doing so, become what I believe to be the best movie of the last few years. This is a bold statement, so I’ll do my best to give good reasoning (outside of the fact that it hit me real hard in the feels) why this movie deserves every bit of praise it has received.

Firstly, I hate musicals. Just as an over-generalization I do not enjoy them. However, this movie was incredible. I think this is the case because I have a hard time taking musicals seriously. They have always seemed cheesy or over-played, but this one felt real. The characters, the plot, the dreams, the let downs, all of it felt like it was not so far away. I sympathized with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone as they tried to make it in this difficult world. I believe that, through my appreciation of music, I was able to connect with their characters through the songs and tunes of the movie. I also think Hamilton, in and of itself, changed the way movies and music will interact, but that is for another post.

Secondly, I think it is impossible not to connect with these characters. Their dreams are reasonable and ones that many of us can relate to and share, yet they are daring and imaginative in a magical sort of way (I think part of this is due to the musical aspect of the film). Especially for other millennial’s like me who may find it difficult to navigate the world with a creative career in sights, this movie is one we can connect and resonate with.

I don’t want to overdo this review, so I’ll stop here. I do not intend to review movies often, but I’ve had an Old Fashioned or two and it’s been a long day, so I needed to do something creative to let steam out. I’d suggest seeing this movie. It is both inspiring, emotionally packed, and full of great gems for film lovers.

I’ll try to keep writing often. This semester at Truett has been a tough one, packed with much more reading than the previous semester. Bear with me through this time. Thank you. Now, go see La La Land.


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