Starting Again

Finally dusting off the keyboard and getting back to some writing. After finishing my undergrad at OU, my writing has definitely fallen off. Coming to seminary here in Waco has given me some inspiration and excitement to get back to writing. New town, new school, and basically a whole new life – so why not a new blog to go along with it?

I suppose I ought to explain the naming of the blog and some sort of purpose or vision statement for it’s existence. I named the blog “Wayward Rambler” because 1) I simply did not want to name this blog 2) I think the contexts of both “wayward” and “rambler” fit my personality fairly well. 3) Why not?

As far as a sort of purpose or vision for the blog goes, I’m not sure I have one. I have aspirations, sure, but I think I am writing just for the sake of writing. My dog Atlas wines as I type this, I’m sensing that she thinks this is a cop out answer. Maybe it is, Atlas, but it will just have to do for now. (I think the fact that I just semi-dialogued with my dog shows exactly how strange this blog may be).

I organized this new blog around different passions I have in life, and I hope to write to each one as I go along. These things are what fuel me and make me want to write in the first place. Be patient with me while these categories begin to take form and become something worth reading. Blogs I have had in the past have been unorganized and were more or less emotional rambles and I hope this will be different.

Atlas continues to wine, so I’ve got to keep thinking through this whole purpose thing. Maybe, if nothing else, I want this blog to illustrate a journey. A journey of thought and adventure through my life and, perhaps, a journey for the reader as they walk with me. I may have come up with this purpose to appease a wining pup, but it will have to do for now.


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